Virtual Office Services for Your Company: How Will They Work for Your Business?

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Today’s business climate is ever changing. In a world where technology is growing, it’s critical that business owners get what they need, when they need it. Whether it’s on the computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, the time is now for business owners to have information right at their fingertips. This is the convenience that virtual services provides.

What are Virtual Services?

Before we get into the benefits of virtual services for both the company and the employee, let’s first define what virtual services are. Virtual services are computer-based services on the Internet. The services are meant to take the place of a physical person or location, offering convenience and money saving to the business. Smaller companies especially are starting to go online for access to the type of sophisticated recourses bigger companies use.

Virtual services may include:

  • Cloud computing
  • Mail services
  • Order taking
  • Client greeting
  • Taking reservations
  • Technical support help
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Answering client questions
  • Social media management
  • Online chat
  • Video conferencing

Simply put, virtual services can provide administrative support and/or specialized services to businesses, IT departments, sales groups, entrepreneurs, and more.

Value of Virtual Services

Before the Internet, email, and cloud computing came along, most businesses were limited to phone calls, buying expensive servers, hiring big IT teams to maintain servers, snail mail, and faxing to run a successful business. Relying on these kinds of expenditures made it extremely difficult, not to mention inefficient, to work offsite or remotely.

Now, thanks to virtual services, it’s easy to collaborate with anyone around the world in real time. For example, a virtual assistant in Brazil can commute to work virtually in San Francisco or New York City. All that’s needed is an Internet connection. Let’s take a look at more benefits to using virtual services.

Benefits for the Company

Using virtual services can have many benefits for the company.

Save Money

Saving financial resources are one of the main reasons many business switch to virtual services. For example, if you choose to use cloud computing, you won’t need to upgrade server software or hardware. You’ll also be able to reduce your IT department. If you decide to outsource IT support to a virtual services company, you can reduce your monthly support contract as well.

No More Equipment

Virtual services eliminates the need for expensive equipment taking up space in your office. You can use your business space for more productive things that will benefit your company.


Every day thousands of devices are stolen or lost. Cell phones, laptops, even physical notebooks can all go missing – and all contain critical company data. Virtual services can store your data and documents “in the cloud” so you can still access important documents, even if the physical machine is lost or stolen. Furthermore, rather than employees taking laptops or data with them to work outside the office, they can use any device for remote access to the same applications and documents stored on the computer.

Benefits for the Employee

Virtual services will also benefit your employees in many ways.


Virtual services gives your employees flexibility, allowing them to work from anywhere. Employees can access files in and out of the office, on any web-enabled device. The advantage of being able to work anywhere and everywhere is a great perk for employees. If you have a long commute time or can’t get to the office because of a sick child at home, you can still stay caught up on work.

Document Control

Sharing files is easy when you employ virtual services. It’s easy for employees to collaborate with each other. All files are in one central location and everyone works off one central copy. This eliminates the needs to constantly send files back and forth via email and wonder if you’re working off the latest copy.

Happier Employees

Happy employees are the best employees. It’s no secret that a happy staff is one of the keys to a successful business. With the flexibility of working anywhere and having more control over documents, employees can boost their productivity levels and get more done in a day.

Some people may believe that the term “virtual services” is just the latest buzzword. Here today, gone tomorrow. This may or may not be true, but what is true is that corporations have been reaping the benefits of outsourcing for years. With the cost of connectivity getting smaller and more affordable, new technology being developed, and more entrepreneurs looking for an easier way to do business, virtual service may be the solution and to tap into a global workforce.

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