Top 5 Reasons Your Office Should Switch to Virtual Services


Using virtual office services based on cloud computing is a wonderful way to make your office more

efficient, give employees flexibility, and to save money. With remote workers spread out across the

globe collaborating on projects, virtual services makes it seem as if everyone is in the same building. In

practice, virtual services are a great thing for any business, large and small. However, communicating

exclusively through the Internet will take planning and careful coordination. If you’re ready to jump into

the world of virtual services, take a look at the top five reasons your office should make the switch



1. Cost Effective. One of the biggest reasons many companies are considering using the cloud and

implementing virtual services is to save money. Improvement costs, maintenance fees, office

equipment, and software and hardware can be difficult to set up, hard to use, and expensive.

Costs especially add up when you consider the rate at which technology is changing and

developing. Virtual services can help you lower your monthly overhead by taking the expensive

equipment, maintenance and improvement costs out of the picture.


2. Availability of Online Tools. When you switch to cloud services, you don’t have to worry about

missing out on tools or technology that makes running a business easier. You can take

advantage of online tools to help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. You can

use Skype or GoToMeeting to eliminate the need for onsite meetings. Instead of driving across

town for a meeting or flying in people from outside your local area for a board meeting, you can

meet online anywhere, at any time. You can access both Skype and GoToMeeting through an

Internet connection.


If you need to collaborate with co-workers in a different state or in another country, use

GoogleDrive. There’s no more need for going through reams of paper or endless email streams

until you get your proposal right. GoogleDrive allows users the ability to work on one document

with multiple people, with changes made in real time. You can share links, transfer files, and

make suggestions in one place.


3. Access to the latest tools and technology. Cloud service providers will be able to offer you the

very latest technology, including big-data mining, analytics, virtual workforce, cloud technology,

social media, and IT support. You can access the most up-to-date technology and services,

without investing in expensive hardware or employing a large in-house IT team. Furthermore, a

cloud service provider will help you know how to exploit all of the technology being offered to

meet your organization’s specific needs.


4. Save space. Another advantage to using virtual services is saving space. Gone are the days

where you have to store all your important documents in large, heavy filing cabinets. With

physical storing capabilities, such as filing cabinet, hard drives, and USB sticks, you’re limited to

a pre-determined storage amount. With virtual services, you can adjust storage space to your

requirements. There are no limits to the amount of data and documents you can save for future

use. Freeing up your physical storage space allows for future growth and expansion, as you have

more room to grow.


5. Improve productivity. Since employees can move and access documents that are stored

virtually at any time, from any location, on almost any device, productivity is bound to improve.

Mobility and flexibility are becoming increasingly more important for businesses of all sizes.

With data and software stored in the cloud, there’s no need for every employee to download a

bunch of programs or to wait while a large application installs. Your employees can simply log

on, find the documents needed, and get right to work, all while saving them for colleagues to

access in the future.


Using virtual services will help support employees who frequently travel, those who work

remotely, and those not in a traditional office setting. Virtual services enable employees to take

the office with them, increasing productivity time and increasing employee satisfaction.

Using virtual services has the potential to make your organization leaner, smarter, and more

profitable. Deciding to move to virtual services must be done with foresight and careful planning.

Make sure you understand all the benefits associated with cloud and virtual services and how the

services will affect your business before making the leap. Chances are, virtual services will only

benefit your company. Be sure to take your time and thing through the decision.

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