Who is Virtual Zen?


If you are a business owner looking to simplify your IT network, wanting to delve into cloud computing, or simply looking for a better, more cost efficient way to run your company, Virtual Zen can help. With years of computer industry experience and specialized services focused on saving you time and money, Virtual Zen can help you meet your business needs.

Who are the People Behind Virtual Zen?

Virtual Zen began with two men, Iyar and Francis, who wanted to find a simpler way to help small to medium sized companies with their technology challenges.

Iyar Koren has 17 years of experience in the computer industry. In his 17 years, he’s helped small to medium sized companies solve technical challenges. After consulting with companies in various industries, Iyar soon began to understand the challenges that face companies as they grow from a home office to multiple locations. With this understanding in mind, he’s been successful in providing businesses with what they need, when they need it.

Iyar’s interest in computers started early. He completed his high school education at the young age of 16, became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer by 17, and finished college with high honors by the age of 18. Iyar has taken his ambition, and combined his technical knowledge, to bring virtualized services to make companies technical challenges easier.

Partnering with Iyar is Francis Lyman. Francis is no stranger to the computer industry. He graduated top of his class from Brigham Young University with an accounting degree, one of the five best accounting programs in the United States. He’s spent the last 10 years consulting in a controller or CFO capacity, focusing mainly on information systems and technology. In these CFO roles, Francis has been able to see how the right IT solutions can help CFOs to succeed. He’s spent years perfecting his ability to manage his own on-site servers, which eventually led to finding solutions that included hosting servers virtually.

Recognizing the need for hosting servers virtually, Francis and Iyar crossed paths. Francis’ accounting knowledge combined with Iyar’s vast experience with IT solutions seemed a natural fit to solve a problem both men had encountered.

What Does the Company Do?

Simply put, Virtual Zen creates the security, performance, accessibility, and peace of mind companies need by making virtual services a reality. If you need more information, consider that Virtual Zen offers mobility, cloud computing, and security.

Mobility: Cloud computing gives employees more flexibility. With the ability to work from home, while on vacation, or on the commuter train to work, employees can turn down time into productive time. There’s no need to be on-site to access documents or to connect with co-workers in a physical office. With a simple Internet connection, employees can quickly and easily access their virtual office. When employees are given flexibility, they are happier, making a better work environment for everyone.

Cloud computing: Where mobility gives your employees flexibility, cloud computing gives your business flexibility. Instead of storing data and software on a personal computer, information is stored in the cloud, or on the Internet. Instead of relying on accessing data at the office, your important data can be accessed just about anywhere through an Internet connection. Cloud computing can also save your company money. Instead of buying expensive equipment and then paying to upgrade that equipment in a few years when technology changes, you can have all the storage you need, without the investment. Think of it like renting. You can rent capacity (or server space or access to software) from a cloud provider, paying only for the resources you use.

 Services: By now you may be convinced to use Virtual Zen and their cloud-computing options. But there’s still one major question: what about security? Many opponents of cloud services worry that security is sacrificed by allowing company data to exit the internal firewall. Virtual Zen follows the strict security guidelines set forth that cloud providers must adhere to, ensuring your data is safe and protected. That equals greater peace of mind for you as a business owner.

How Will This Benefit Me

Using cloud services, particularly services offered by a trusted partner like Virtual Zen, can save you time, money, and worry. Having a physical office full of employees and equipment is a huge expense for a smaller company. By hiring a virtual services provider, you are only paying for the work that is done. As a small to medium sized business, there are various services you need in order to succeed. Hiring people and buying equipment adds up. Thanks to the Internet, you can get the services you need, without the high price tag that’s come along with those services in the past.

Virtualization is the future. Virtualized, hosted, and managed services will help you harness the technological power you need to be successful. Trust Virtual Zen to help you with your cloud computing needs.

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